i'm proud to announce the first collaboration and release of "inconnu" 
for suRRism-Phonoethics. "inconnu" have been recorded through the autumn 2010 at Ath°M studio - the artwork is signed by Anatole Massard

" Times how into somehow that would less be centered by identifying the disabled diagrams resulted through experiencing the black-light spectral messages as fluorescenting the conversation lamps" 
undRess Béton - presentation text - jan2010 

reviews ::

"I'm snowed in...good isolation but a desperate reach for communications. Tones to think with...melancholy with burst of fine tuned disruption. I finally see the light at the end of a matrix which was built around sarcasm. I need this in my life." 

"a new stunning album of the french artist Thierry Massardwho produce a fantastic collage of  experimental sounds, glitches & noise, which is available for free download on Surrism Phonoethics. Highly recommended for fans of the music from Luigi Russolo or Alva Noto – Taste It."
MaCu for kultur[terrorismus] - jan2010