permet karet

after A EN TIO for the netlabel edP in february, permet karet is finally the second release for the year 2012. Less than an original release, this is more a compilation of single and autonomous pieces from the last two years - the opening track "période vibratoire et possibles dérives" have been released on the last days where we were talking of a possible apocalypse and there is absolutely no reference to -

permen karet means chewing gum in indonesian

:: permen karet

under the swedish Other moons

after 619 submissions, the aiva video festival have recently selected the Laura Focarazzo "other moons" video to be presented to the open call selection with 25 other works - some of these projects will be presented in 10 swedish towns. this video was the fruit of our second collaboration with the argentinian video artist.

:: aiva festival
:: other moons on vimeo


my friend, the videast Laura Focarazzo, recently sent me the info about this documentary project about David Lynch. i could not refuse and, widely thank her.

:: un double choc (simplement) - the LoFo effect
:: The LynchThree Project

16 = 49

see > that (in)significant place > a lost memory ( did it have ever existed ) ... A EN TIO !

:: EdP
:: artwork by David Matos 

una deliciosa receta ... for an annual netaudio sweetness community compilation

:: Bombocitos 2011

11-11-11 ...

amazing experience ! for the very first and rather unique time, the netlabel MiMi Records have invited 13 artists to give their personal conception on "a day like no other" to give more acute to the project, the concept was also to give a length limited to 11 seconds, 1 minutes 11 seconds or 11 minutes 11 seconds ... hopeful time for 12-12-12

:: MiMi Records

the questionnaire :: Sonia Laura

1, 2, 3 ... some series look so preciously magnetic and fascinating, that we dream of (finally) fold in half, and maybe more, the timeline as a single sheet - it is precisely what can be observed in front the "tale of suspensus" of Sonia Laura (for vimeo) - was enough to invit her and, perhaps, unfold another page

:: the questionnaire

the questionnaire :: Mik Berlyn

impossible to speak of a slow combustion, the reaction was just immediate - in the favor (and on the notified advice) of a good meeting in the heart of Manhattan, during a shiny night of november, you will (just) need a simple click, to understand ... and if the addiction was announced to be gradually zero , be sure the reality is (far) different.